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Yoga Teacher

My interest in yoga began in 1999 when a Chiropractor sent me to a class to relieve back pain.  After a few years of practising yoga and feeling great benefits, I decided that I needed to become a Yoga Teacher to make it a more prominent part of my life.  Having qualified in late 2004, my husband was offered a job in Sweden and we, together with our two daughters, moved to Stockholm in 2005.  Over the next 5 years I had a wonderful time teaching yoga to all my international friends from the local expat community.

Upon my return to Surrey, in 2010, I began teaching in various hired halls, leisure centres and hotel spas.

Since 2013 I have been the Regional Officer for the Friends of Yoga Society International, responsible for arranging and attending regular training days.  This helps to build a strong local community of Yoga Teachers and ensure that we are up to date with the latest training, especially First Aid.

Currently, I am teaching eight yoga classes per week, some to large groups and some one-to-one sessions.

I have experience in teaching all ages from 16-90 and thoroughly enjoy helping people to achieve relief from tension and stress.    My favourite aspect of being a Yoga Teacher is seeing the smile on a person’s face as they realise that they can do a physical movement, that they had previously thought was beyond them, or as they tell me that the breathing practices have given them the ability to sleep at night or deal with a stressful situation.

I try to make my classes as welcoming as possible, especially to those new to yoga, and hopefully provide variations in the yoga postures in order that everyone can take part to some level.

If you would like to join one of my classes, you can see all the details on my website : or you can email me :- or phone/text me on 07917 44 83 44.  Also, you can follow my Facebook page ‘Yoga with Victoria James’.


Tel: 07917 44 83 44

Victoria James - Yoga Teacher

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